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                                                                                            DENNIS  KING

 Dennis M. King is an environmental economist and manager of King and Associates, Inc. (KAA), a research and consulting firm he founded in 1977 which is now based in Plymouth, Massachusetts (USA). After retiring as a research professor at the University of Maryland in 2014, he is focusing on KAA consulting work and concentrating on topics related to  the economics of fisheries and  aquaculture, national and international seafood markets, and ocean conservation.

 Dr. King holds a Ph.D. in Marine Resource Economics from the University of Rhode Island and an MS in Food and Natural Resource Economics and a BBA in Corporate Finance from the University of Massachusetts.  He has over forty years of research and consulting experience in the fields of environmental and natural resource economics with a strong emphasis on bio-economic modelling, ecosystem valuation, fisheries, coastal and ocean resource management, and ocean-based industries and markets. He is the author of over one hundred reports, papers, and book chapters dealing with environmental/economic linkages, environmental restoration, fisheries, and international trade in natural resource products. He has been the project manager on over one hundred interdisciplinary science/engineering/economic/policy research projects. He has been an economic consultant and advisor to the United Nations, World Bank, the European Union, several U.S. congressional committees, many U.S. federal and state government agencies, national industry/government councils, small and large businesses, seaport administrations, non-government organizations, and insurance and financial institutions.  He has been an expert witness and testified before U.S. and state congressional committees and at fishery-related administrative law judge hearings, and has provided litigation support and expert testimony in over forty cases involving disputes regarding fishery-related economic losses and national and international fish and seafood pricing.
Dr. King has managed economic portions of environmental impact statements related to important water and energy resource development projects, oil spill remediation, and threatened and endangered species designations.  He developed and pioneered practical applications of widely used ecosystem valuation methods and economic tools to assess and compare environmental restoration and mitigation projects and invasive species response strategies, and to resolve complex coastal fishing-oil industry conflicts.  He also developed fishery-related risk assessment and underwriting methods for Lloyd’s of London. Ltd and other global insurers, and bio-economic and GIS-based global tuna fishing fleet allocation/decision-support models for H.J. Heinz (Starkist), Van Camp (Chicken of the Sea), and other global seafood companies.

 A list of Dr. King’s past projects and clients is available at
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